Water Damage Repair in Atlanta, GA

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XSI Disaster Services is the local leading expert in efficient water damage repair in Atlanta, GA and Covington, GA.

Throughout the year, flood damage and water damage are a threat to local homes. Water heaters, broken water lines, refrigerators, dish washers and overflowing toilets are the most common causes of water damage in your home. Also, extreme weather sometimes leads to flood and water damage in many homes; in our experience, this type of damage is the most devastating. Flood and water damage is common in the Atlanta area, and XSI Disaster Services is here to help you with all of your water damage restoration needs year-round, including emergency water extraction services.

Experiencing a flood in your home or business is a devastating event. The quality of the cleanup and water restoration service you use can mean the difference between saving valuable possessions and losing them. XSI truly cares, and will help you restore not only the home itself, but we’ll also help you salvage any possessions that may have been damaged in the flood.

Our water damage repair services in Atlanta are conveniently available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to restore your home as soon as disaster strikes. Studies have shown that home and basement water damage that is treated and repaired within 48 hours is far less likely to develop mold or mildew problems after the fact. Water damage restoration service that is conducted even sooner is proven to significantly reduce repair costs, while further minimizing property damage. If you’re looking for local water damage repair companies that can get the job done thoroughly and efficiently, XSI Disaster Services should be at the top of your list.

XSI Disaster Services is here to help as your water damage repair expert in Covington and Atlanta. Just call us today at 877-787-9096. As disaster restoration specialists, we also provide professional fire damage repair and mold remediation services to Atlanta area residents and businesses.

Water Damage Restoration: Structural Drying

Water Damage Repair Service Atlanta

The immediate damage of a flood can be very destructive, but what comes after can be just as dire.

Even before a flood, mold spores are everywhere, just waiting for the right amount of moisture to infect your home or business and the air within it. These spores can grow quickly in a structure that is not properly dried. If you don’t act fast, you could soon have mold and mildew growing everywhere.

Mold and mildew can damage everything in your home or office, including the structure itself, your furnishings, your health and that of everyone else who shares the space. Even if you can’t see mold, you will eventually smell it and be affected by it, because it can grow under floors, in walls and in your HVAC system. From itchy eyes to serious allergic reactions, asthma attacks and even permanent lung damage, mold is one of the worst results of water being left behind after a flood.

If you have water damage as the result of a broken pipe, water heater or other liquid-filled appliance, or even water used to extinguish a fire, your structure and everything in it are at risk of becoming unsalvageable from both the liquid itself and its after-effects.

How to Prevent Water Damage:

Acting fast and having your water-damaged structure professionally dried can increase the chances of complete restoration. Our water damage restoration company offers a 24/7 structural drying service that can rid your home or office of unwanted water typically in three days. Our water damage restoration process involves:

  • The complete extraction of water from the two areas that absorb water the most: carpets and pads;
  • Using state-of-the-art structural drying equipment: high-velocity air movers and dehumidifiers;
  • Documenting all equipment readings to show you and your insurance company our findings;
  • Daily monitoring and charting using psychometric charts, hygrometers and moisture meters to get precise measurements for a quicker drying time; and
  • Daily adjustments of drying equipment for maximum effectiveness.

Our Water Damage Repair Process Ensures:

  • Faster drying time
  • Faster closing of insurance claims
  • Faster return to your normal life and business
  • No destruction as a result of the drying process
  • No need to replace carpets and pads (in Class 1/Category 1 losses)

What’s Next:

Just contact XSI Disaster Services, a water damage company that can solve all your restoration needs, including structural drying, fire damage repair, asbestos removal and mold and mildew remediation.

Water Damage Repair: Document Restoration

Water Damage Repair - Document Restoration

Many organizations such as law firms, accounting firms, government agencies and healthcare providers rely heavily on paper files. Anything that jeopardizes the integrity of these files jeopardizes the business. And nothing poses a greater threat than water from a leaky roof, a flood, a broken pipe or a fire hose. Of course, books in libraries are also at risk, and so too are files and books kept at home by residents.

The Situation Calls for Immediate Action

If your documents are affected by water damage, you have little time to act before they are ruined. Pages can stick together forever, type can fade, dirt can stain the paper and mildew and mold can set in within 48 hours.

Your first response is probably to try to save the documents yourself. You first need to move the documents to dryer ground. However, they are fragile when wet, and moving them is a delicate process that must be done correctly to prevent further damage. Drying them yourself is a potential problem, too. If you use a hair dryer, you could cause your documents to dry too fast and buckle.

However, the danger is not just in the loss of your documents. If water is still present, live electrical wires can put you at risk. In cases of water containing sewage, documents are potentially contaminated by harmful bacteria and viruses, making them hazardous for you to handle. If they are not properly cleaned before drying, the contaminates will lie dormant but remain present on the documents.

Let the Professionals Save Your Damaged Documents

As part of our water damage repair services, we offer to professionally restore your valuable damaged documents and are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our staff is professionally trained in all aspects of document restoration, and our proven process for restoring files and books includes:

  • Safely removing the items from the wet area;
  • Decontaminating the items, if necessary;
  • Air drying, if possible; and
  • Deep freezing and vacuum drying the items to extract the water as a vapor.

To avoid buckling the document or book pages, the freeze-drying process may take several weeks, with constant monitoring and assessing. If you call us soon enough after water damage occurs, we can rescue and restore most documents to a usable condition.

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