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#1 Water Damage Restoration Company in Alpharetta, GA

It is every property owner’s worst nightmare. You return to your property and find your investment has been damaged by water. Whether it comes from a flood, plumbing, or fire sprinkler issue, water damage and the associated clean up can create a strain on any property owner…both emotionally and financially. Luckily, there are both steps that you can take to mitigate the damage and impact as well as some excellent water damage repair experts serving Alpharetta, Ga (like us) that can get your home back to normal with as little impact as possible. So what can you do when your property falls victim to water damage? Here are some steps to take if water or damage happens to your property.

Eliminate The Source To Prevent Further Water Damage

Rusty burst pipe in Alpharetta GA home The first step you need to take to limit the water damage to your property to is eliminate the source of flooding. If it’s coming from a plumbing source, find your main water shut off and turn off the water. You may want to call Fulton County’s Water and Sewer Services line and have them instruct you on how to shut off the water. For customers needing water damage restoration in Atlanta, Fulton County’s water and sewer website should pertain to you as well.


In the case of a fire and the water stemming from an installed sprinkler system, ensure you know the location of the shut off for the system ahead of time. In the case of flooding you may just need to wait until the natural flooding subsides. If you are concerned about your water bill skyrocketing due to a busted pipe flooding your home, then it may make you feel at ease knowing that the City of Alpharetta allows you to submit documents to them requesting a review and adjustment of your account. Below is an excerpt from their website:


“Q: I have found a leak at my property, what should I do now?

A: Fulton County is not responsible for repairing leaks on the customers side of the meter; the customer must repair those leaks. Once you have repaired the leak, then you can send/fax in the Leak Adjustment Form and a copy of the repair receipts (Leak Adjustment Form). When the appropriate documents have been received, your account will be reviewed by our Adjustments’ Section to see if you are eligible for an adjustment. Please note: Review the Leak Adjustment Form to make sure you have the appropriate documents. Sending/faxing the incorrect documents will delay reviewing your account.”


Contact Your Insurance Company

Once you have stopped the source of your water damage, you need to contact your insurance company as soon as possible. Contact us and we can do it for you. This will allow your insurance provider to set up a claim and take the necessary steps to assist you in your water damage repair and restoration for your Alpharetta GA home. Be careful using the company recommended by your insurance company as they typically try to save the insurance company money and they have been known to take short cuts. We here at XSI Disaster Services pride ourselves in working for you -not your insurance company. Be sure to take pictures and draw diagrams of all areas and materials that have been damaged by the flooding. Your claims adjuster will need these to accurately assess the damage.


Remove Standing Water

When you have completed the task and or isolated and eliminated the source of the water damage, it is time to begin cleaning up your property. At this point it is crucial to remove all standing water. The best practice for this will vary depending on your properties’ architecture, size, location, and amount of standing water. Most often, buckets, water pumps, mops, and floor squeegees are tools that work well for this purpose. Typically, we would handle this for you. We don’t recommend customers stay in their homes as it can be dangerous with standing water and electricity.


Bring in the Professionals

water damage restoration companyOnce you have isolated and eliminated the course of the water damage in your Alpharetta Georgia home, contacted your insurer, and removed standing water, now is the time to work with the professionals. Properly cleaning up water damage is not a job for amateurs to complete. There often is further potential for damage if the clean up is not completed professionally and thoroughly. You should work closely with both your insurance company and your water damage clean up professionals to ensure that your property is correctly cleaned and restored. This will save you headaches and issues in the long run. Both your insurer and the team at XSI Disaster Services are ready, willing and available to make your experience go as smoothly as possible. We provide flood damage restoration services for Alpharetta, Atlanta, Buckhead, Marietta, Roswell, Conyers and just about everywhere else in Georgia.